Playford Music is an authorized dealer for many major brands such as Peavey, Audio Technica, Sanctuary Series, Ibanez, Seagull, and more.

We hope to continue to be your choice for guitars, drum sets, bass guitars, digital pianos, amplifiers, sound systems, speakers, cymbals, clarinets, trumpets, and instrument accessories of all types. Be sure to visit us in Jackson Michigan for quality musical instruments at discounted-fair prices, with personal service. Playford Music has been hitting the right notes since 1976.

Please visit our Playford Music & Sound facebook page, and be sure to register here for our email service to notify you of sales, special events, special musical based musical events, and music and sound information.  We do not share our email information with others.

Playford Music has been serving area musicians since 1976. We are happy to provide personal “small town” type service for our musical patrons. We provide fair, honest everyday discount prices on quality musical merchandise. We do not “wheel and deal”, but provide the same discount prices to each of our customers. We prefer to do business in this way, rather than "make up” for a low profit transaction with one customer, by taking advantage of another customer.

Stores like PM&S are not "just interested in making a quick buck", but are dependent upon the success of their customer's musical experience. If getting a good start in music is important to you, if having a place to go that knows how an instrument is supposed to play, if having knowledgeable staff to assist in selecting the correct instrument for you is beneficial, if you realize the importance of supporting a local specialty store-then don't take the easy way out of purchasing your instrument at the big box store-just because you happen to be there.

It is sometimes easy to forget all the important reasons you should purchase musical instruments and their accessories from a local home town musical instrument specialty store.  We have answers that you can't get at the department stores.  When you need service or an accessory for your instrument quickly, the internet won't help.  If you don't support specialy stores with your regular purchases-they won't be there when you need them for the emergencies. 

AND!!!!  Stores like PM&S actually offer better value in instruments than those big box stores, because they are selling instruments they verify are quality, playable instruments!!

AND MORE!!!! We now have gift certificates available for purchase online!  You may print a certificate, or email it to the recipient.  A great gift for Jackson/Hillsdale/Albion area musicians.

Playford Music & Sound provides design and facilitates installation of sound systems in church sanctuaries, multi purpose rooms, school gymnasiums, and athletic/football fields and facilities.  If you want to do your sound correctly the first time, and have experienced technical support to train and assist your tech crew, please contact us.

We are this areas representative for the Peavey Sanctuary Series line of sound product designed specifically for houses of worship. Please contact us for your project at 517-788-3025 ext 4#.

PM&S also provides training for your sound tech crew.  Periodically we have training sessions in a local facility.  These sessions are typically free of charge (we do sometimes do a food collection for charity).  You can bring your entire sound tech crew to these events.  If you want "in house" training on your own equipment, Playford Music can provide that service at a nominal charge.  Please contact us for details about our in house training sessions.  If you are having extreme problems and need live training during Sunday services, that can even be arranged.