Playford Music & Sound has a wide variety of instrument cables.  We carry cables by Conquest Sound, Planet Waves, Zaolla and more.  There can be a great deal of differnce between instrument cables.  Differences include the type of shielding, gauge of wire, country of origin, type of insulaters, the type and quality of the outer jacket, the material used for conducters, the type of plug, and the length.  PM&S has the cable you need!

Our Conquest cable selection is huge.  Conquest offers many choices in instrument cables.  The Econo line is an imported cable that includes a one year warrantee.  The most popular series is the Hush series.  It is made in the USA manufactured with USA1 wire, a design that has been an integral part of millions of Conquest instrument cables since 1977. USA1 features a mega strand 20 gauge center conductor, 90% shield coverage and an internal noise rejecting tape. The jacket is a tour tested heavy duty design made to take incredible abuse.  Playford Music & Sound stocks many lengths of instrument/guitar cords in a variety of configurations with Neutrik straight jacks and Senor right angle jacks.  Conquest USA instrument cables include a limited lifetime warrantee.

Playford Music & Sound has worked in conjunction with Conquest Sound (we have been selling Conquest cables since 1978) to offer our own designs in Custom instrument cables.  All of our custom cables share these features:  Neutrik NP2X Black 1/4 gold plated plugs in straight or right angle ends, strain relief shrink wrap on both ends, made in the USA, lifetime warrantee, and a velcro cable wrap included.  The different styles have varying features.  Select the cable that is correct for the way you use a cable.

Conquest PM&S Custom Sonac series cables use Gepco Optima 4 conductor wire which results in a quieter, more noise resistant cable with a wider, more consistent dynamic range.  This cable also lays nicely when in use.  Studio or recording use-Yes, this is a great cable for that.  If you want to get more brilliance and a smoother bass response in your live rig, these cables will help with that also.

Conquest PM&S Custom Quiet series cables use Optima wire and is terminated with Neutrick NP2X-AU Silent plug in either straight or right angle on one end with a regular NP2X on the other.  The silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load.  This cable does not perform on guitars that use a 3 conductor jack to turn on and off active electronics located onboard some guitars (English-if your guitar has a battery onboard, this is probably not the cable you want).  This cable is great for the guitarist or bassist that uses multiple instruments through the same amp and needs to change them during a performance.

Conquest PM&S Custom Cloth series cables have a woven fabric over Conquest USA1 90% shielded low capacitance wire.  The fabric make these cables extremely tough.  If you are using your cables in situations where a certain amount of abuse occurs (walking on cables, rolling equipment over cables, et), this cable may be the one for you!