Playford Music & Sound carries a great selection of Hohner harmonicas in many styles and many keys. The reeds of Diatonic Harmonicas produce the notes of the scale to which they are tuned. For example, a diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C would produce the natural notes of the C scale without sharps and flats (picture the white keys on a piano, without the black keys). Each hole has two reeds; one plays when breath is exhaled (blow) and the other when inhaled (draw). The individual reeds are each tuned to play a different note on the scale.

Complete 12-note octaves with all the sharps and flats can be played on a Chromatic Harmonica. Each single hole contains four reeds; a blow reed and a draw reed for two natural notes as well as a blow reed and a draw reed for two chromatic notes. A side sliding button is pushed to activate the chromatic notes, which closes off the airflow from one set of reeds and enables the other set to vibrate. All Hohner chromatics except the Koch and Slide Harp are solo tuned, meaning each group of four holes covers a complete octave.

The double row of holes on Tremolo Harmonicas creates music with a distinctive vibrating (vibrato) effect. This is produced by the bottom row of holes and the top row of holes being played at the same time and tuned to the same note, with the top row tuned just slightly higher. This special tuning enables the player to make the tremolo sound which makes Hohner tremelo tuned harmonicas especially popular for ballads, gospel and folk music.

Each row of holes on Octave Harmonicas is tuned exactly one octave apart. When the two rows are played at the same time this creates an effect of two harmonicas simultaneously playing the same melody. This enables a single player to achieve a stronger, full-bodied sound not possible while playing a standard diatonic. Octave tuning is the harmonica equivalent of a 12-string guitar.

Is your harmonica in need of repair? If so, please package the instrument carefully (in the original carton, if possible) and send to: Hohner, Inc./HSS Harmonica Repair Department -1000 Technology Park Drive - Glen Allen, VA 23059 Be sure to include your name, shipping address, phone number and an explanation of the harmonica's problem. You will be notified as soon as a Hohner repair technician determines the source of the difficulty.