At Playford Music & Sound, we attempt to fill the needs of our musical community.  For those who would rather purchase instruments, than pay the increased cost of rental programs, we offer quality used instruments that have been through our repair shop.  Woodwinds (clarinets, saxophones, and flutes) have a one year warrantee on pads. Brasswinds (trumpets, trombones, etc) are all thoroughly cleaned and slides and valves lubricated.  We do not deal in used non-brand name import instruments as the value is not sufficient to warrant the service we perform before resale, and replacement parts are typically not readily available to us or our customers who may own such instruments.

It is absolutely essential that a beginner starts on an instrument that plays properly.  Would you start a beginning driver in a car with bad brakes, loose steering, and bald tires?  The premise that starting a child on an inferior instrument because they will quit, is self fulfilling. No one can guarantee a child will continue with music, but given the advantage of a good instrument, a good music program, and parent support, they are far more likely to succeed.

In recent years, largely due to the effect of musical instrument wannabes (often found in non-music mega retailers, online auctions, online stores), Conn-Selmer, Gemeinhardt, of course Yamaha, and other well known musical instrument manufacturers have reexamined their marketing and manufacturing. They are now importing their own student lines of less expensive instruments. These instruments typically have the manufacturers name on them, but may be referred to with a model name (ie: Prelude).  Most are importing from China, Taiwan, and Asian countries, with some importing from Mexico and other countries.  These instruments are more expensive than the instrument wannabes, but provide a price point below their existing manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe.

There are several advantages of buying an imported instrument that is a well known name brand. Parts will be much more readily available than with non-names. You enjoy the quality advantage of a company that is knowledgeable with, and participating with the design and manufacturing of the instruments. Name brand instruments generally far exceed the quality of manufacturing, materials, reliability, and playability of the wannabe, non-name brand instruments. Name brand instruments are much more likely to be sold by retailers familiar with band instruments and with the capacity to facilitate repairs and warranty claims.

F.E. Olds began manufacturing instruments in 1908 in California.  Many changes in instruments and ownership have occurred in the Olds’ over 100 years of existence.  F.E. Olds is now owned by a Westfield New Jersey firm that is deeply entrenched in the school musical instrument business.  Although student model instruments are typically imported because of the downward pressure on pricing that began in the late 1990’s with cheap imported instruments available at mass merchandisers, the instruments currently offered by F.E. Olds are well made, with an excellent (10 year) warranty against manufacturing defects.  Playford Music has been offering Olds instruments for many years, and we are proud of the fact that our friend Craig Sieferd has been appointed to manage U.S. domestic sales of F.E. Olds and related name brands as of May 2013.  Craig has been calling upon Playford Music as a sales representative since 1978.  I share this information, because as a consumer you may find it important that the store where you purchase your instrument has a good working relationship with the company that manufactures the instrument you are purchasing.






1/2, 3/4 and 4/4student violins

4/4 step up violin

We also have snare kits and bell kits available.

For the 2017 instrument season, we are stocking the following new instruments from F.E. Olds.  Please follow the link to the F.E. Olds website for details about these instruments.